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MASZPOL was founded on the base of Przedsiębiorstwo Obrotu Maszyn i Urządzeń PONAR – REMO Warsaw. We are present on the market of machine tools for over 30 years. The firma activity is mainly based on selling second hand and new machine tools and spare parts for every machine. We also surveys and expertise of machines and assembly lines. We are selling machines which are in good and very good condition. We also have our own storehouse in the sity of Lodz, containing machines ready to sell at once. The many-year experience of the REMO PONAR company, as well as the high quality level of services performed by it, have brought forth fruits in the form of continuous trade contacts being maintained with leading industry branches in Poland. The customers who avail themselves of our services include also companies from Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iran and companies from Eastern Europe.